24.7 Mechanical Services

  • Air Conditioning - 24.7 Mechanical provides the York region
    and surrounding area with quality commercial and residential
    air conditioning equipment and services for over 15 years. We
    have highly trained staff to ensure that the products we offer
    are properly installed and serviced.

  • Heating - 24.7 Mechanical is your source for energy efficient
    and cost effective heating solutions.

  • Fire Sprinklers - 24.7 is a full-service fire suppression
    company that designs and installs fire protection systems with
    the highest commitment to customer safety and satisfaction!

  • Geothermal - Geothermal systems use a renewable resoure,
    the earth, which is efficient and non-polluting. Relacing a fossil
    fuel system with geothermal immediately cuts your household
    energy emmisions by 50%! Federal and provincial
    governments recognize the important role that geothermal
    plays in reducing home energy use and have created rebate
    programs to facilitate installation. Call us today for more info!

  • Solar Thermal and Photo Voltaic Systems - By heating your
    water with renewable solar energy, you will lower your utility
    bills, year-round, reduce harmful greenhouse gas emission,
    experience greater energy independence and more? 24.7
    Mechanical can show you the significant economic and
    environmental benefits to this relatively simple process! Call us

  • Natural Gas and Propane

  • Commercial, Residential, General Contracting